100% Risk Free SEO Services!

SEO Services

Regular Report

We send weekly work and performance report so that you can check ongoing work, website performance & qualit of work.

Panda / Penguin Proof SEO

We don't do black hat, low quality or software submission work. We provide only Google friendly SEO service!

Beat Your Competitors

We will review your competitors and will discover why are they doing better than you +advantages & disadvantages!

Keyword Research

We find out exact keywords and targeted audiences by our keyword research. We ensure your most possible profit.

Website Optimization

We follow latest SEO updates and better On Page Optimization techniques to optimize your websites effectively.

Link Building

We provide relevant and highly effective & 100% Panda / Penguin Proof back links for your website.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

IBronzeFor Super Professionals

Rs. 9,000per month
  • 1 - 10 Keywords

ISilverOur Best-Selling Plan

Rs. 14,000per month
  • 11 - 25 Keywords

IGoldFor Corporates & Man-Eaters

Rs. 20,000per month
  • 26 - 40 Keywords

Have Questions to ask?

Do you offer white hat SEO services?
Howays only offers white hat SEO services. This is because white hat SEO techniques are the only ones that are allowed by the policies and guidelines that search engines have stipulated. The use of black hat techniques can have your website prone to penalties which will adversely affect your business.
Does it take long to increase traffic to my site and see results?
How fast you get to see the results are determined by two factors; the level of competition of the keywords in your niche and the age of your website. Howays will make sure that you start experiencing the positive results very soon since our experts will fix everything on your site.
What is on page and off page optimization?
On page optimization is the process where changes can be made on a website to make it rank better on the search results page. Off page optimization is the process where the changes are not done on the website but they link to the original website. A good example is link building.
What is organic traffic?
Organic traffic means visitors coming to your website without having to pay for them to see your website among the top results in the search results page.
Can I get a report of the work done?
You will be getting a progress report from Howays showing you exactly what has been done, what will be done further, as well as the type of results you have received and should expect in the future.
Why should I choose HOWAYS for my SEO services?
You should choose our SEO services for several reasons. One reason is that our services have been proved effective and the other is that they are affordable.

What our Clients say:

Howays provides excellent results and has provided us with outstanding recommendations and guidance. With their assistance, we are eagerly awaiting for what the future has in store over the next year.
Jobin Methew
Our partnership with Howays has a significant positive influence on our business. We have consistently been listed on the first page of Google for each of our main keywords and various other ones as well.
Andrew Tyson
Howays made recommendations for areas that needed improvement and upheld a superb line of communication during each step of the process. They surpassed my expectations and I will most certainly be using them again for all of my future projects. Thank you Howays for doing an outstanding job!
Rohit India
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